Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Green Tea - Help Towards A Healthy Life

By: Allison Thompson

Apart from water, Green Tea is a beverage that is more widely consumed than any other in the world today. In fact for centuries now this particular beverage has been part of both the dietary habits of Japanese and Chinese cultures. However in recent years more and more people have begun to see what health benefits they can gain from drinking it as well.

Today if you want there is not just green tea a person can choose to consume but there are many other varieties as well including Darjeeling etc. However many prefer to consume green tea simply because the taste is far more subtle and refreshing than others. But what you should also know is that the green teas produced in Japan and China are made in very different ways which results in their flavors being different as well. In Japan the tea leaves one they have been picked will be steam dried in order for them to retain their flavor and the essential properties that makes this particular beverage so healthy. Whilst in China they prefer to dry their tea leaves once picked in an oven.

As we all know there are many health benefits to be gained from drinking tea, but also people should be wary and not drink too much of it. As with coffee this particular beverage contains caffeine and should a person drink large quantities of this particular drink may find themselves having problems sleeping. So it is best to restrict just how much you consume each day to around 2 or 3 cups and no more.

A large number choose to drink green tea because it contains such high levels of vitamins and minerals which their bodies need to remain functioning properly. It also contains anti oxidant properties which help to improve a person's digestive system and remove unwanted toxins and substances that can cause problems to their health. The other advantage many have found from drinking green tea is that it contains a chemical called thiamine which seems to have a calming effect on the brain and they find they are much better able to cope with the stresses and strains of modern living.

It is because it contains high concentrations of vitamins and minerals as well as polyphenols (chemical which has good anti oxidant properties) it has been found to be useful in helping people to lose weight. The reason why this tea is so effective in not only helping people to lose weight but has high anti oxidant and anti cancer properties is because it is unfermented.

In order to get the most out of your green tea it is best to buy the packs of the tea leaves rather than those that come in tea bags. Simply because by placing the leaves directly into the water you are allowing the tea a chance to release all the properties that are beneficial to your health and well being. Today however the biggest challenge a person will be faced with when it comes to drinking green tea is choosing which variety they wish to consume. As you will soon discover there is not just one type of green tea a person can use instead there are many.

So when it comes to choosing which green tea you will be drinking as part of your new healthy kind of lifestyle you should look for one of the more well known and easily recognizable varieties. One such tea you should consider trying is Sencha which is produced in China. Not only is this particular tea inexpensive to purchase but has a flavor which you will find extremely palatable.

However if you want something which may provide a little bit more robust flavor than the Sencha you should consider trying Myou-Kou which is produced in Japan. As well as having a much stronger flavor to it this particular tea from Japan actually produces a much thicker liquid once the leaves have been infused with water. But at the end of day which green tea you choose to drink will come down to the taste and look of the tea that you prefer. It therefore may be wise to try out several different types before making your final decision.

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