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Things To Consider When Buying Green Coffee Beans

By: A R Thompson

Today more and more people find that they do not function properly first thing in the morning until they have had their first cup of coffee. Although many people prefer to make coffee beans which have already been roasted and then ground so all they need to do is put them in to the coffee machine. There are others who prefer to purchase the green coffee beans and then roast them in order to provide them with a much more distinctive flavor that can not be found anywhere else.

But in order to produce a great tasting cup coffee you need to ensure that you have selected the right green coffee beans. Below we take a look at those factors you should be taking into consideration if you are choosing to roast your own coffee beans rather than buying those that already have been from your local delicatessen, grocery or coffee store.

The first factor than needs to be taken into consideration when buying these kinds of coffee beans is their size and shape. Ideally you should look to buy ones which have a uniform appearance to them. If not then when it actually comes to roasting them the whole process becomes somewhat more difficult. Smaller beans may well be over cooked and larger ones under cooked which would result in a taste that is not consistent.

Along with the beans being the same size and shape you will also need to look at the color of the beans. Again the color of each bean should be of a uniform kind as any kind of unevenness to them may often tell you that there was a problem during the drying process. Because of this you may find that the flavor that these beans actually produce once they have been roasted will not be as consistent as you would like.

The next factor that you need to take into consideration when it comes to buying green coffee beans which you are then going to roast is where they were actually grown. There are a large number of countries many located in South America where these beans are grown and processed. The more common ways come from regions such as Colombia but also Hawaii is becoming well known for their coffee beans as well. Both these types of coffee beans are grown on moutain sides but each have their own particular taste.

However if you are someone who prefers decaffeinated coffee rather than more traditional forms there are green coffee beans available that enable you to roast them and produce this kind of coffee for you. The main countries that produce decaffeinated green coffee beans today are Columbia, Guatemala and Costa Rica. But again the coffee beans that each of these countries produce taste completely different.

The final thing that you should take into consideration when thinking about purchasing coffee beans which have not been roasted as yet is where to get them from. There are a couple of options that are available to you. You can either try and find a specialty coffee store close to where you live or you can buy them online. The big advantage to buying online is that you can order them say on the Monday and they will be with you by the Tuesday or Wednesday and delivered directly to your home.

A speciality coffee shop is a great way of getting hold of the numerous different types of green coffee beans that are now available. Plus you will find that the owner of the shop is often willing to provide you with advice and information in relation to what may well be the best types for you to try. They may well also provide you with the chance to take home a small amount of each of the beans you are considering so that you can then try them out to see which of them you prefer the taste of. This is probably a very cost effective way of finding out exactly which coffee taste it is you really like and which of the various coffee beans now available you wish to avoid in the future.

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